Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 79... Lake Butler and home again, home again, jiggedy jig...

Hey y’all !!!

Per usual I don't have a lot of time to write today.

But I will say some things considering this will be my last post!

This last week has probably been the most joyful week of my whole life and probably the saddest. All of the feels!! Going home is rough. Really, really rough. I never quite realized the song "I'll go where you want me to go" is for missionaries returning home. I am going to miss Florida so incredibly much. It has become my home and my heart! Specifically Lake Butler! I love this place!! I know adventures are ahead though and I'm excited to see y’all!! I’m sad to leave, happy to come home. Who knows how I'm actually feeling! I don't!

Well, there are some things that I do know right now. And that is I know with my whole heart that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. It is by him and through him we are able to return back home to our Heavenly Father. I know that he suffered and died for our sins, weaknesses, pains, sorrows, afflictions and trials so we could find joy in life and return back to him. Jesus Christ is my best friend. I love Him so much and I will give my life for him. Although, I'm taking off my missionary name tag, His heart will forever be on my heart. I came to know my Savior through repentance. I know that repentance is a change of heart and that when you do repent the Savior can heal you. He healed me from so much out here. And because of Him I now know who I am as a daughter of God. I am so thankful for his endless forgiveness and love. His love has forever changed me! I know that the Book of Mormon is true!!! It is tangible evidence of God’s love for all his children. The Book of Mormon has deepened my testimony of Jesus Christ and taught me how to use his atonement. It is my life line and I am so thankful for the prophets who sacrificed so much that we could have it. While reading of their lives they have become my closest friends. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Joseph Smith restored Jesus Christ’s church back on the earth. We have the fullness of the gospel! In all its glory!! The priesthood is real. I know that the only life worth living is one where your life is centered on Christ and keeping his commandments. Nothing else will do. Nothing else will bring you the same joy. I know now that life is beautiful. Every part of life is beautiful when seen through the Saviors eyes. I will never be able to repay my savior for what he did for me. For
letting me, lil ole Sister Chamberlain, represent him. This truly has been the greatest 18 months of my life.

Thank you all so much for supporting me through everything. Thanks for your loves, packages, letters and prayers!

ANNND I'll see y’all soon.


Sister Chamberlain

3 Nephi 5:13

"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ the Son of God. I have been
called of Him to declare His word among His people that they might
have everlasting"

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Week 78... Lake Butler


That's about all I feel right now.  


Going. Home. Is scary. *twitch*

Ok. I'm okay. I have one last glorious week of blessed missionary work. I love it way too much for words. I love everything about it.

This week was wonderful. Feeling all the feels and just basking in the beauty and glory of it all.

Wish I had more time to write.. But per usual.. I DON'T! :D

But!!! I know that Jesus Christ lives! Today, right now. I know that He has called a prophet to lead and guide us. Today, right now. His church is on the earth. Today, right now. Conference was amazing!!!!

And y’all are amazing!!! I love you all so much! Thanks for being my cheerleaders. :)

Love, Sister Chamberlain

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 77... Lake Butler

God Is so Nice!!

Hey y’all!!!

This week was yet another wonderful week in the blessed land of Lake Butler! I have to apologize that my emails have been rather short and not very detailed filled!! But this week as it seems I have a bit more time... I shall spell out to you every single moment!!!!!


6:11- alarm goes off. I quickly hit snooze thinking it couldn't possibly be time to wake up yet.
6:20- alarm goes off again. I turn it off and silently plead that somehow someway the Lord could push me out of bed
6:23 the Lord pushes me out of bed. Like he graciously does every morning.
6:24- personal prayer and companionship prayer
6:25- get ready for some HARDCORE EXERCISE!!!
6:30- hard core exercise!!!!
6:31- takes break because exercise is hard.
6:32- pleads with the Lord to somehow someway give me the strength to actually exercise.
6:35- the Lord gives me strength to do some crunches, leg lifts, and some good ole jump rope. He is so nice!
7:00- fly to the shower!!!!!
7:10- falls asleep in shower.
7:20- gets out of shower and stares at wardrobe.
7:30- continues to stare at wardrobe.
7:32- gives up.
7:35- fights with hair. Puts on face.
7:40- returns to wardrobe.
7:42- has war with my clothes.
7:45- finally finds something!! Hooray!
7:50-(favorite part of day) puts on the missionary tag.
7:55- changes outfit because the first one made me look fat
8:00- prays that someway somehow I will get the inspiration and revelation through the spirit I need for the day.
8:10- starts falling asleep.
8:11- tapes eyelids open and prays that somehow someway I'll be able to receive strength to stay awake
8:15- laughs because the Book of Mormon is really funny sometimes.
8:30- cries because the Lord knows exactly what to tell me through the scriptures
8:35- pulls out the glorious preach my gospel!
8:35- studies how I can be a better servant of the Lord
8:50- writes down all of the wonderful things I learned.
8:56- has a really intense question!!
9:00- has a wonderful ah-ha moment at the last possible moment where I
learn a bunch!!!
9:01 - prays and thanks Heavenly Father for being so nice and merciful to answer my prayers.
9:02- prays with Sister A that together we can receive revelation for what we need to do that day
9:05- has comp study!!
10:00- runs out the door so we can find people to bring closer to Christ through the restored gospel!! Woo!
10:01- teaches, testifies, serves, loves, eats, laughs, cries and everything in between
9:00 p.m. - returns home. Exhausted. Collapses on floor.
9:05: - prays with Sister Andersen that somehow someway we will be able to know where we go for the next day
9:10- plans every single hour out for the next day which takes eternity. But we finish!!
9:55- prays that somehow someway we will be able to get everything done the next day.
10:00 - falls asleep on floor
10:15- rushes to get ready for bed!!
10:25- says personal prayer and thanks Heavenly Father for being so incredibly wonderful to me.
10:29- says companionship prayer
10:30: climbs into my fluffy bed and tells my companion all the reasons I love her that day.
10:32- drifts off to sleep and dreams of gumdrops and baptisms


Moral of the story-- God hears and answers your prayers. All of them. And missionary work is the most glorious work that has ever been worked!!!!!

So missionary life has been quite surreal lately! With only 2 ½ weeks left it gives you a lot of time to ponder being a missionary. Things that you have done so mindlessly for the past 18 months suddenly become so precious. For example, waking up and praying with your companion! Priceless!! Standing outside and Backing the car up every single time! Priceless!! Eating breakfast like a ninja because you want to get to studies on time.. PRICELESS!! It's all priceless. I've really started soaking in all the glorious of being a missionary. Sometimes in the moment it doesn't feel so glorious. Especially when
someone is yelling at you or the person you are teaching decides to take another road.. But looking back it's always glorious because the Lord always makes it glorious. I love the line in Isaiah "He will give you beauty for ashes". Isn't that beautiful? If at the end of the day all you have is a hand full of ashes.. The Lord accepts that. He takes it and makes it into something beautiful. :)

So amidst trying not to freak out because I have to go back to the world sooner than I would like to.. I have gained a peace about it this week that I haven't had before. It's like the Lord is saying "good job Sister Chamberlain. You did well. Enjoy the last bit by
doing what you love." Well, it just happens to be what I love doing is serving people. Is teaching people the glorious restored truths of the gospel! So it all works out. :) granted, I'm still worried. But it will be good. Because, somehow, someway, the Lord will make it good. He always does. :)

I know that Jesus Christ lives!! Today! He is living right now. Have you ever let that concept truly sink into your heart?? It did for me. The church came out with a beautiful new video called "because He lives". WATCH IT! It's life changing. It was for me anyways. :)   http://helives.mormon.org

Watch it and then Facebook it to everyone you know. On Easter, the church is going to do a YouTube take over where this video will be the only thing advertised all day on Easter!! How beautiful! I love how the Lord will be flooding the Internet world with righteousness and goodness!

It's Easter this week! And General conference!!!!! How exciting!! Two of my most favorite things on the same day. My heart can't even handle all the happy! :) :) :)

Some key things that happened this week!

We met a wonderful beautiful woman and her less active fiance! She is ready to be baptized! She already saw the temple felt the spirit there and knows the Book of Mormon is true! So God is good. I probably won't see her get baptized but that is okay. It's just amazing she found the truth and it's changing her. It's a beautiful sight to see my friends!!

We had interviews with President!! I love President Craig with all my heart. It was wonderful to talk with him so I could express my love for the work. I love being a missionary! I say that every week and it probably gets boring but I do!!! I love it I love it I love it! :D I love it because I get to share the closest things to my heart. And that is my love of the Savior. I love Him so much and I will never be able to repay Him for what he did for me, what he still does for me, and what he will do for me. He is my Redeemer. And I get to help others find His love that changed me so much.

I finished the Book of Mormon again!! And I prayed about it! Again! Guess what! It's still true!! Glory be to God it's still true!!! I realized as I was praying about it that it was the Book of Mormon that brought me to my Savior Jesus Christ. It was through that beautiful book I gained my testimony of Him. And through Him I've been able
to find myself. Finally, after nearly 18 months of praying and pleading and crying to the Lord that I could somehow, someway, find myself... I did.  In a little closet.. Praying over the Book of Mormon in the little town of Lake Butler. So simple and sweet, I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)

Have an incredible Easter y’all. Remember that the Savior does live. He is here with us! It's our job to find Him and then share Him. :)

I love y’all!! Smile bright!


Sister Chamberlain :)
Sisters Chamberlain and Anderson
And again                                              

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 76... Lake Butler

Another week in paradise…

Hey y’all!!

This week was fantastic!! Superb! Wonderful!! I LOVE LAKE BUTLER. This place never ceases to amaze me!!  So, we had another week of miracles!!

I got to go on a trade off with my blessed MTC companion Sister Waite!!!! It was so awesome!!!! I love her!! We hit the pavement and taught and testified with so much power just how we dreamed of doing it in the MTC. It was so amazing and such a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. He sure knows how to send you things right when you need them that's for sure! We found 5 amazing people who wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon. It's amazing to see that as you are obedient and have faith.. The spirit is with you and helps you. This applies to everyone!!

We are also teaching this woman named Jeanette and she is amazing!! She is so elect and when we taught her about the Book of Mormon she said "how could I get me one of these books!" Well, well, well.. We know just the people. Haha it was awesome! God is just so incredibly good!     :)

We were also able to set 2 baptismal dates with Leanne and Alex!! They are 10 and 12 and they are so cute!!! They want to be baptized so badly. Leanne just sat and sobbed because she wanted to be baptized so badly.

It is so amazing. I love being a missionary so much :) I have less than a month as a missionary. It's so sad but I have peace about it. It's such a blessing to be here. :)

I love ya’ll so much!! Thanks for everything!!! Stay classy ;)

Sister Chamberlain